7-inch LCD Screen Facial Recognition Terminal Access Control

  • It can measure human temperature and facial recognition together, avoid touch people by people, easy for management.
  • Support to recognize strangers.
  • Precise temperature ±0.2℃
  • It can keep a long-time stable work, avoid mistake of human tired work.
  • It applies to the entrance of the school, factory, government departments, etc.



7-inch AI thermal imaging face temperature detection intelligent terminal (model FS-ADV7011) is a face detection and temperature measurement product that integrates facial contrast recognition heating imaging contactless temperature measurement module.

When the passenger conducts face recognition, the human body surface temperature can be measured by thermal imaging.The whole face recognition measurement process is non-contact experience, and is accurate, reliable, efficient and perception-free.

If the temperature of the detected person exceeds a certain threshold, the signal light of the terminal will send out an abnormal warning and carry out a voice warning.

Product specification:

Product Name
Face Recognition Thermometer
Operating System
Android 8.1
7 inch LCD Screen
RK3288, 4 core
DDR3, 2G
BT 4.0
Binocular camera, 2 million pixels
Body temperature module
Thermography, measurement distance:0.5-1m, Precision:±0.3℃

Product Advantages

1. Non contact thermal imaging technology for temperature detection, automatic voice alarm above 37.3 ℃ 2. Leading face AI recognition technology, mask recognition rate 99.9% 3. 7-inch 1280 * 600 pixel high clear screen, supporting outdoor strong light compensation 4. Binocular live detection to reduce the risk of facial expression influence and photo fraud 5. Support storage of 20000 faces and 1 million records 6. Optional built-in second-generation ID module to realize personnel identification and body temperature detection 7. 4G module is optional to realize data transmission in temporary and remote scenes 8. Support various installation methods such as wall hanging, vertical type and cooperating with gate to meet the needs of various scenarios 9. Support the remote online monitoring management platform and help the multi department collaborative management

Product Applications

This is an AI face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine based on face recognition algorithm and infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement algorithm. It has binocular live anti-counterfeiting function, temperature display function and high temperature alarm function. Optional built-in ID card module, forming two product forms of “person card comparison + temperature detection” and “face comparison + temperature detection”, meeting different application scenarios.

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