Non-Contact Wall Mounted Infrared Forehead Thermometer GP500

Wall-Mounted Infrared Forehead Thermometer Non-Contact Digital Temperature Thermometer with Fever Alarm Accurate Instant Reading LCD Display Self-Service Test for Office Apartment Supermarket.




To maintain safe levels of social distancing, our thermometer can identify individuals with high temperatures without requiring physical contact from healthcare workers or with the equipment. The device can operate independently without human assistance, and forehead temperatures can be read from a distance of 4 inches from the device sensor. It is for Offices, Factories, Shops, Schools, Restaurants, Super Market, Mall, Cinemas, Airports, Rail Station Entrances, and Other High-Density Areas.


1. Brand high-quality New chip‐set
2. Longer distance detection: Up to 30cm
3. Smart High definition color LCD screen display, 5 meters viewing distance
4. Smart Touch Screen function buttons
5. Voice broadcast ( English / Chinese)
6. Five levels of Volume settings for voice broadcast
7. Storage latest 99 groups temperature records
8. Counting function: support 9999 times
9. PC Connecting support (Real-time temperature data output)
10. Electromagnetic pulse signal output
11. Support Connecting with Door access control system
12. Both Type USB‐C and AA battery support


1. Product Design: Latest Patent Design by Chinese manufacturer
2. Method of measurement: Brand Sensitivity sensor/distance sensor
3. Measurement techniques: No contact Forehead infrared measurement
4. Measuring distance: Up to 30cm (The Longest distance in the market)
5. Display Screen: Smart High definition Color LCD display (61*70mm)
6. Temperature Unit: °C/ °F
7. Operating Environment temperature range: 10‐40°C (Recommended 15‐35°C)
8. Body Mode temperature range: ± 0.2 °C (34‐45°C)
9. Power Supply: USB‐C / 4 AA batteries
10. Counting Capacity: 9999 times
11. Upper Alarm Limit: Support (37‐38°C)
12. Install Method: Support ( Real-time temperature data output)


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