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Digital Media Consultancy

Multimedia Management

  • Working hand-in-hand with management to create relevant content and convey the required message across multiple platforms.
  • Offering consultation in restructuring, reorganization, budgeting, and resource allocation.

TV Programs Management

  • Offering a variety of television services from revamping, launching, and branding to identity creating for TV programs.
  • Providing strategic grid and mapping through viewership and competition studies.

Marketing & PR

Helping you develop an effective inbound and outbound marketing strategy aiming to make your brand stand out.

We design content to increase lead generation, customer satisfaction, sales closures, and increased revenue.

Content Marketing

NewNext plan your content strategy and produce materials in text and multimedia for blogs, website, articles, infographics, motion graphics, and social media.

Strategy Branding

Branding is not about creating a logo. It’s about crafting a portfolio of visual and textural assets that will reflect the essence of your organization and embraces its brand promise.

Public Relations

Find and engage with most media outlets and important influencers. We can assist your organization to get the coverage it deserves from coordinating TV features, facilitating interviews, producing, and distributing media releases.

Communication Consultancy

NewNext offers hands-on help and practical skills in helping organizations shape, communicate and protect their brand image through strategic communications. Our team uses a variety of tactics, including reputation research, executive media handling, C-suite positioning, and crisis consulting.

Communication Strategy

We help your organization build strategies that surround the target audience with the most effective influencers, helping to drive their decision process forward through providing the media and engagement tools.

Executive Media Preparation

We offer bespoke packages tailored specifically for media-related requirements and assisting the client’s representatives with their public appearances.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Conveniently build market-driven schemas and top-line core competencies. Distinctively disintermediate collaborative niche markets whereas real-time meta-services. Assertively build process-centric e-services without stand-alone content.

Crisis management

With the aim of protecting your brand, valuation, and reputation, we offer a comprehensive range of critical crisis management and crisis communication services; to ensure an accurate presentation of the organization’s image and fix distorted perceptions.

Event & Campaign Management

We offer thorough project management services including creating, directing, planning, and developing a large scale of events.

– Dealing with media outlets locally and regionally.
– Offering extensive event management experience.
– Providing interpretation services.

– Preparing and distributing press releases in different languages.
– Creating editorial content.

Media Production

Count on us for all your media production services. Our expert team will help you with audio, video, and photography, and video production for both corporate and government events.

  • Corporate & Conferences videos

  • VIP Presentation videos

  • Training Videos

  • Projects launching intros

  • Sales Tapes

  • TV fillers

  • Media campaigns

  • Music videos

  • Video editing

  • Sound design

  • Sound mixing

  • Info-graphics

  • Graphics & Animation

Social Media Strategic Planning

Building an online strategy is essential for establishing a strong digital presence and for putting online initiatives into practice.

Having an online strategy also helps in focusing and aligning your activities, to ensure better utilization of resources.

Social Media Strategic Planning

  • Building a clear and effective social media strategy, which is aligned with your objectives and marketing goals.
  • Creating an overall plan for initial and on-going social media activities and handling key account messaging.

Content Media Dashboard

  • Automatically sending the most engaging, relevant, and topical news, trending topics, and stories.
  • Creating a tailor-made ‘content dashboard’ to assist your business in delivering a constant flow of engaging and inspirational ideas.
  • Optimizing your online conversations for your audience and their interests.

Social Media Engagement

  • Giving you the tools to engage with your current and potential clients online in the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective way.
  • Assisting you in creating original content and managing your social media accounts on your behalf.
  • Ensuring that your audiences always get great quality content and their queries get replied to in a timely manner.

Social Media Reporting

  • Consolidating your online presence and staying aligned with your key performance indicators.
  • Showing you the impact of your social media activities on a weekly/monthly basis with valuable insight on your digital engagement.

Social Media Usage

  • Adopt a digital mindset to enable you to build a strong online social brand name.
  • Identify the most effective ways to use different social media platforms.
  • Boost your team’s efficiency and effectiveness beyond expectations.